The March of the Black Queen

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I'm Violet and I decided to built a site for QUEEN because I adore them.

Since I was child I remember watching on TV some videoclips of Queen, and I remember my father & my uncle listening to them. The first videoclip I remember on TV was The Invisible Man, and I loved it so much. I was around 6 or 7 back then. 
Then I discovered all the musical career of this magic and fabulous quartet, so I decided to make a tribute to them, because they deserve it, because they're the kings of the music.

I hope that you'll enjoy your visit in this website and come back many times.

This page is unofficial and intended for entertainment purposes only. I do not hold the copyrights to any of these pictures, all copyrights belong their respective owners.
You can use whatever pic that you wanted/liked from this site, but please remember behind this site there is a lot of hardworking, so if you would like to take them, please credit this site (may you want to use banner below). 

This site was born to break free on June 2006 hosted by piczo (achieving 17656 hits) and owned by my sis; and began to rock at webs on February 2011, the year that Queen celebrates their 40th anniversary.


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